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Increase protection with security systems

If you're looking to increase security at your home or business, call the locally-owned and operated team at 24/7 Home Security. Our seasoned professionals will work with you to analyze your needs and develop a system tailored to your property's environment, following through with prompt and precise installation and maintenance.


We design custom security systems based on specific needs.

Smoke detector Home security

• Burglar alarms

• Motion detectors

• Controlled access

• Smoke detectors

• Freeze detectors

• And more

Offering a variety of security options

Should an emergency occur when your new system is in place, the system will send a signal to the monitoring company who will then reach out to you via phone. If necessary, local authorities and rescue squads will be alerted and dispatched to your home or business.


The systems offered at our local store are so advanced that they can alert you when your pipes are about to freeze or your property is at risk of a flood or fire. To learn more about our security systems, please call our BBB-accredited team.

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For added security, 24/7 Home Security is fully bonded and insured.


We are licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

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